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Update Percentages of master tasks when subtasks are completed

In addition to hoping that the habit functionality is added:

I have some tasks with subtasks, where it is useful to see the percentage completed, This is automatic in emacs for a master task that is written

* TASK [%] or

* TODO TASK [%] (scheduled or not)

When I mark a subtask done in emacs, the percentage of the master task is automatically updated appropriately.


* Main Thing [33%]

** DONE thing 1

** TODO thing 2

** TODO thing 3

Right now, I have to update subtasks in emacs if I want to see the change, but it would be cool if marking the subtasks in BEORG would have the same effect.



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Thanks for the suggestion. This isn't currently on my todo list but I've added to the backlog of possible feature enhancements.

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