beorg 1.3 will support URL schemes. The following actions will be available:

  • Quick capture
  • Showing the agenda
  • Viewing a specific org file

beorg uses an x-callback-url style of URL and supports x-success and x-cancel arguments. The examples below don't include the x-success or x-cancel arguments and they are not mandatory.

Quick Capture

You can either get beorg to show the Quick Capture dialog...

  • beorg://x-callback-url/capture

... and adding to an org file by supplying the necessary information. You must supply a title (i.e. the node text) and can optionally supply notes, scheduled date, deadline date and the file to add the item to. If no file is supplied then you default Quick Capture file will be used. Dates are supplied in Org-mode format and are not parsed. Here is an example:

  • beorg://x-callback-url/capture?title=New%20task&notes=Buy%20eggs&scheduled=2017-10-03&file=shopping

Showing your agenda


Viewing a specific org file

To view a file you need to supply the name of the file via the file parameter. For example:

  • beorg://x-callback-url/file?file=shopping