There are a number of ways in which you can backup your wiki:

  • If you have device-level iCloud backup (i.e. everything on your device gets backed up) enabled then all content in Trunk Notes will be backed up to iCloud. If you then lose your device or upgrade to a new phone/tablet when you restore Trunk Notes will also be restored. Please note that you can't selectively restore just Trunk Note content using this strategy.
  • You can use Dropbox synchronisation to upload all your text, images, etc to a Dropbox folder. You can also use this if you have Trunk Notes on multiple devices. Currently Dropbox synchronisation needs to be kicked off manually in the app.
  • If you only use your wiki for storing text then you can email a ZIP of your entire wiki from within the app. Even with thousands of notes this ZIP file is unlikely to be more than 5 - 10MB. You can then restore your wiki using the Wi-Fi Sharing feature of Trunk Notes. You will need to remember to periodically generate and email a new ZIP of your wiki.