Wi-Fi Sharing allows you to access your wiki on your computer using your web browser. This works by your web browser connecting to Trunk Notes running on your iPhone/iPad.

In order for Wi-Fi Sharing to work both iPhone/iPad and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network. There should also be no restrictions in place about client devices connecting to each other (there may be on some corporate networks).

To start Wi-Fi Sharing tap the bottom left button and select Wi-FI Sharing.

You should then see something similar to:

This contains the URL you need to enter into your web browser. It is very important you enter the URL exactly as shown on your iPhone/iPad. If you don't see the text Connected then check your iPhone/iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. In this case I must enter:

The :10000 is very important - even though it might look a little strange!

Your web browser should then ask you for a username and password. You can configure these in the Trunk Notes settings. If you haven't changed the default then use the username trunk and the password password.

If you cannot get Wi-Fi Sharing working after carefully reading and following the above then please raise a ticket. In your ticket please let me know:

  • What you did (e.g. I tapped this, then this, ...)
  • What did you see on your iPhone/iPad and in your computers web browser
  • What do you think you should have seen