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Recurring event/meeting with timestamp

 Beorg documents recurring tasks but I would like a recurring events or meetings. In other words I'd like to have recurring items which aren't "TODO" and/or "DONE". They just are.

For example the following works when I mark this task as DONE.


* TODO A task
<2024-07-08 +1d>


beorg will make a note saying the task was DONE at some time,set the state back to TODO, then increment that active timestamp to 2024-07-09 so it displays on the next day in the cycle.

I have entries like the one below which display in org-agenda as recurring events.

* A weekly meeting
<2024-07-08 Mon 09:00-10:00 +1w> 


I'm wondering: is there a way to get beorg's agenda view to display this on the 8th, 15th, 22nd... etc without needing to mark this as DONE or otherwise modify the timestamp?

Your example should work, I've just tested this and seeing this event repeated in the agenda every week.

Hmm. this isn't the case for me. I only see the event on the day it's actually scheduled for (july 8) and not the following day. the settings seem to parse this out because if i select the event, then the date, and scroll to the bottom I see "Every 1 week (+1w)"




Directly from my org file:

* Meetings
** An event
<2024-07-10 Wed 11:00-11:30 +1w>


Is there a setting in that i'm missing maybe? mine only contains:

(set! sync-subfolders #t)


This is probably related to the time range (which I neglected to try in my testing). I'll have to investigate this further.

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