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Cannot change app icon to default

 Steps to reproduce:

1. Change app icon to something other than the default. Get a message confirming you changed the icon.

2. Attempt to change the icon back to the default. No confirmation message appears but the icon choice screen closes.

3. Check the home screen: the icon is still the non-default choice selected in step 1.

Often issues with changing icons are resolving by restarting your iPhone. I've had this issue with many apps (including beorg) and seems to be an iOS bug. Let me know how you get on with trying this.

This is persisting even after a restart. I can change to any other icon, just not the default one. Not a big deal at any rate, just wanted to report it.

Thank you for coming back to me on this. I have now managed to reproduce this issue. I will investigate and get this fixed.

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