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Calendar syncing and birthdays

Dear Matthew,

I've been using Beorg without a problem for years now. Recently, I discovered that one of my files called "" stopped getting synced with the remote webdav. I don't use the "Sync calendar to a file" extension and my calendar file name is set to "calendar-beorg" (I don't think it matters, since I don't use the extension anyway).

I fixed the problem by renaming my "" file to "". However, I wonder if this behavior is a regression or the intended behavior.

Another issue that showed up at the exact same time is that birthdays don't appear in the agenda view. I use the same property I've been using since you introduced this feature. Again, I could work around this issue by defining birthdays as recurring events, but it has its drawbacks (in Emacs, since I use org-anniversary).

To check that these issues don't have anything to do with my setup, I did a fresh install with only one file including a single birthday entry and the problems persisted. My version is 3.27.0 (319) running on iOS 17.4.1.

Thanks in advance for your help and your wonderful work.

Best wishes,


The hardcoded "" file is a bug. I'll get that fixed in the next update (there was an update released today, I'll try and get another update out next week with this fix in if not sooner). It should look up the name from the Settings tab so that it can be changed if needed.

For the birthday issue check that the correct calendars are enabled. Go to the Settings tab, find Configure Calendars and make sure any birthday calendars are ticked. Let me know how you get on, and whether there is still an issue here for you.

Thanks for your fast response. 

I might be doing something wrong, but I did what you said on a fresh install and it didn't work. I also tried all the possible combinations of ticked calendars in Settings. Actually, ticking the birthdays calendar in Settings allowed me to see the birthdays in my system calendar, but not the ones set by the corresponding property in an org file. I'm attaching some screenshots.




Thank you again for your help.

All best.

beorg does support the BIRTHDAY property for items which don't have any other dates assigned. If you are able to attach an example file with a birthday which isn't appearing in your agenda that would be helpful in debugging this issue. Glad to hear that birthdays from the Calendar are now appearing.

A file like the one you suggested here does not work on my end. I'm attaching that file. 

Thank you again.

Best wishes,


(55 Bytes)

Thank you for the example file. I've found the cause of the event not appearing and a fix will be in the next update.

Thank you for the wonderful work, Matthew!
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