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Org, Beorg, and Images (Oh My!)

Found an interesting article on using iPhone Shared Albums as a Website:

I got to thinking that this might be a quick and dirty way to include images in Tasks that is compatible with both Org and Beorg.  This article allows you to take pictures with your iPhone, put them into the Shared Album, and reference the pictures by URL which is fully compatible with Org and (I think) Beorg.

Some issues:
  • Referencing the website requires a browser with Javascript capability
  • The interface allows you to walk thru all your pictures -- not just the one at the URL
  • You'll probably need to make the website public, so be careful of what pictures you put up
  • The URL is basically a long ID, so not at all obvious to others
  • There are (large) limits on how many images you can have

If only there was a better interface!  This could make Org/Beorg the only multi-platform task management system with image support!

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