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screen gets not updated after deletion of a saved-search


I found this reproducible behaviour:

when a "saved search" gets deleted and one returns to the previous screen, it still displays the name of the just deleted saved search as well as results.

I don't know to which saved search beorg should default to once a saved search got deleted, but returning back to the deleted saved search seems at least a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a saved search. it doesn't matter name and what it does, just to have an instance of a saved search


  • execute this saved search


  • now go back into the list of saved searches, and delete that one


  • once returned after the deletion, the beorg screen still shows the label of the just deleted saved search as well as the previously displayed search result


The impact of this issue should be low. At some point I'll likely redesign the saved search bar and will take this into account.

I noticed meanwhile that it does not just affect deleted saved-searches. 

When having set a saved-search (still existing, not deleted), 

then kill the app in order to restart it fresh again,

then switching to "Tasks" tab 

= will not show the expected result. 

It shows something, but which is a very different result.

My saved search, where I noticed it:


f myorgfile > deadline > scheduled k g s


That currently shows 4 items grouped by action state:

  • 1x TODO
  • 3x REFILE

After I killed the app and restarted it though I see a larger list:

  • 1x TODO
  • 3x REFILE
  • 10x DONE
  • 9x None

Somehow it appears to not apply the filter correctly. I can get to my expected result, when I re-select the saved search again in the currently running "app session" so to say.

I assume the 2 observations are related regarding a possible bugfix.

The beorg update this week should fix the issue where the search on the Tasks tab "Search" button isn't properly remembered.

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