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priority grouping having a sorting issue?


when grouing items after priority, it seems items without priority set are not properly sorted. I probably would expect items without any priority set should be sorted as last items / at the bottom?

Steps to reproduce scenario:

  • create "testprio" org file
  • create a capture template for easy adding items




  • create a saved-search to display only items from this file, grouped by priority


  • add an item with prio A
  • add an item with prio F
  • use saved-search. result is as expected. A first, then F item.


  • now add a 3rd item, without any priority
  • it gets sorted in between A and F, and even labelled as B with regards to the section.
I guess this is a bug?


Here the org file content:


* Item no prio
* [#F] F item
* [#A] A item


Thanks for assessing this report.

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By default beorg assigns, for the purposes of sorting, a priority of B to items without a priority. You can change this by setting the Scheme variable org-priority-default. For example adding the following to your will make beorg groups items without a priority in a "None" group below the other priorities:

(set! org-priority-default "")

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