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org-roam like note taking


I think world is missing org-roam "on the go" -support and I think beorg could be great candidate for that. Specially now when Notes-tab has appeared. I did not find any particular documentation on the "notes-page" but it seems to have ID property in the spirit of org-roam v2. Perhaps org-roam support is an epic for these small incremements we are seeing? This would be great!

I feel first step would be to be able to easily create fleeting notes from safari etc. using share menu. For me that would be the most typical use case anyway. To capture notes to process later. Text, Link or both with some headline. In the future,  for fast fleeting notes creation I would like to see possibility save an image via shared menu to eg. predefined "assets" folder and have link to it same way as web pages now have.

Thanks for considering these.

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