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Inconsistency in saved-search result when switching back from "Show All"


I detected an inconsistency in the displayed result of a search result, when coming back from the "Show All" in "Tasks" view.

There is a noticable difference in the result shown vs. when the saved-search has been executed explicitly before and it requires a subsequent saved-search execution to arrive back at the expected result.

Following the steps to reproduce the observed behaviour:

  • create a new .org file ("test-savedsearch")
  • add a number of entries with varying action states. I set up a simple capture template for that and entered a set of items.
  • now, also add a number of entries without any action state applied to.
  • create a saved search with the following definition: 

 f test-savedsearch > deadline > scheduled k g s 

  • execute the search and pay attention to the displayed result


  • now tap "Show All" on the left side in "Tasks"


  • whatever "Show All" will show, doesn't matter here. Now tap on the right hand side again the previously executed saved search (labelled in my example just "Display By State")


So there is a result difference between when the saved search is executed explicitly vs. when the user returns from "Show All" back to the display of the saved search.

In order to get the first result as depicted in this issue report, I have to execute first the saved search again.


So my question is: what is the expected behaviour? Is this a bug? Why does switching back to the same saved search results in a different result than when executing the saved search explicitly before (and/or afterwards)?

Thanks for a clarification and assessment.

Attached the example org content for easy recreation of the used "test dataset":


* item without state 2
* item without state 1
* REFILE item Refile 1
* TODO Item todo 2
* TODO Item todo 1


This definitely looks like a bug. I will investigate (I have a suspicion of where this issue lies in the code...) Thanks!

This is fixed in the code, and will be part of the next beorg update. Thank you for your detailed description of this bug. It was caused by some recent changes to made on how searches are persisted.

I am having a somewhat similar issue despite having the new beorg update installed.

With a widget using the search  's TODO d 0', the widget is at first displaying 1 overdue task. When I click on the widget and open beorg and then close the app it just displays 2 of the other tasks, and when I open it again, it just displays the final remaining 2 tasks that are appearing for the search.

Hi Elainia

If you could provide some screenshots and an example org file demonstrating your issue that would be great.

However, there was another bug with the persisted searches unfortunately. This version has been submitted to Apple and I'm just waiting for them to approve it.

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