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deleted a forum post from me, then re-added a new post, but it is not appearing


I just added a new response to this thread

but then saw some typos. Since there is no edit button for own existing posts, I deleted it, and submitted a corrected post. But that post is not showing up now. Since I thought I may have not properly clicked the "post comment" button, I re-did it, but also the 2nd time adding a new comment to the above thread mentioned, got submitted, but it just doesn't appear.

I don't know where to post such issues with the forum website itself, so I just created here a new ticket for it. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate place.


Sometimes the hosted forum service I use puts tickets into a queue for approval - no idea when/why it chooses particular tickets to do this. I've approved those tickets now, and then will delete if they turn out to be duplicates.

Hello, just before I submitted a response to a question from a user for the topic "Share org file across users", but my response doesn't show up. Do you see this (quite lengthy) post in the approval queue?

For some reason that one went into the spam folder!

This isn't the best forum software unfortunately, but I've got a grandfathered plan so costs a lot less than alternatives - the last time I tried to self-host I was overwhelmed with spam about kitchens... 

I've approved your other post so should appear now.

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