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deletion of multiple files with subsequent sync attempt leads to reproducible app crash


when I delete multiple files (2 are already sufficient for demonstration purposes) in beorg app, then attempt to sync this, the beorg app crashes. This observation is 100% reproducible.

I've removed all .org files, also no, so the test scenario bases on a fully empty beorg, apart from a "calendar-beorg" (due to enabled "Sync Calendar to a file"), but which should not create any impact to this test scenario, I hope.

Attached is a clip demonstrating the following observation made:

  • create 2 org files (test1, test2)
  • hit the sync button (it often takes more than one attempt (mainly when it is about multiple files and/or multiple edits to be synced) to sync (in this case to create the first copy of the .org files on the computer ("server") properly. (that itself might be another issue, i dont know).
  • then delete both files in beorg
  • hit the sync button again = leads to immediate app crash
  • restart beorg app again,
  • and now beorg shows the "sync progress bar" for long time, actually it appears to me it is stuck for the whole time. it seems just not to recover from it and continues to show the progress bar (and a progress bar displayed means the user is blocked from using the app especially in terms of creating new entries by using the capture feature).
  • now, i can get out of this situation only by disabling WebDAV, quitting the application and restarting it
  • in the demo clip, I then activate WebDAV sync again, create a new test file, sync that one modification (takes again a 2nd attempt of sync to properly sync it over (creating that file on the "server"), 
  • then i delete this single file, synced that modification, and it was ok.
  • then i created again 2 test files, again deleted both and again synced this modification - leads again to app crash

So I can reproduce this app crash behaviour by deleting 2 (or more) files in beorg, with a subsequent sync button press.

Test environment specs:
  • iOS version 15.7.5
  • beorg version 3.26.1 (311) (apart from Box sync, all extensions purchased)
  • WebDAV (local IP address (192.168.x.x), untrusted certificate enabled,  "Auto sync on modify" disabled

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Thank you for reporting this issue. I'll get this fixed.

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