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Space in filename leads to issue when adding new task from +-action in task view


I've noticed the following issue:

when an .org file contains a space in its filename, then the "add" (+ symbol) action to add a new task in the "task view" of beorg, will result in creating a new file instead. The filename of the new file is a derived portion of the intended .org file from before.


  • create in "Files" a new file. Name it "test list". This will result in a physical file "test".
  • create in "Agenda" a new capture template, which is configured with this file "test list". So new tasks are going in there.
  • use the capture template. the new task gets properly added to "test list".
  • create a search filter in "Tasks", which lists then the previously added task from the file "test list" now on screen.
  • Use now the "+" symbol action on the upper part of the screen, which displays a "new task input sheet" display so to say, and here starts the issue: the "test list" filename gets chopped into "list" as starting part of the headline, and "test" is being used as the target file.
  • Since test (or "" finally) doesn't exist, it will create it automatically and will add that new entry, which was supposed to go into "test", now in "".
  • Create a new search filter for the file "" and you will see the item was added there.

Attached a clip depicting the issue.
If you do the same steps but with a file "test-list" (which ends up in ""), then the issue does not exist. 
So a space in the filename causes the issue, when using the "+" action to add a new task from the "Tasks" view of beorg.


Thank you for the detailed description of this bug. I will look into this and get fixed.

Thanks for your reply!

While I personally could do certainly filenames without any space at all (and is probably recommended anyway), I noticed the same issue even also when the .org file would have no spaces, such as "", but then makes use of the title property, like for example:


#+title: Errands List


So beorg makes nice use this and displays this title, which is a great way to override the "display name" instead of showing the real filename. Great when context changes and/or give it a better title than the filename itself would be. I like that feature!

But for the +-"AddNewTask" action, it also then takes this Title property value "Errands List" and ends up with "List" in header and "Errands" as target filename. And Title properties likely tend to have spaces probably all the time.



I noticed a variation of the issue described in this issue report:

  • create a org file "" for example
  • then set a TITLE attribute to "Errands"
  • create a capture template and set it to file "errands-list"
  • as long as the actual capture template is used, added entries are added properly to the expected .org file
  • but when using the "+"-action to add an entry, it takes the TITLE name, here "Errands", and puts this as target filename. An entry added via this way would end up in a new file created called "" and not in "".

Perhaps it would be an idea to only use the TITLE attribute for display reasons, such as in "Files" tab, etc.. But when it comes to "save to" destination values, these ones might be better with solely the real filename only. In this example case here  "errands-list" (resp. "").


I haven't quite got the bottom of this problem yet. What sync method are you using (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, ...)?

The issue described here is not related to any sync method. It fails also when no sync is setup and beorg just operates locally so to say.

Thanks you for the additional information.

Hello, I've found another variation of the issue. And it seems to boil down that it takes the "header" value, whereever this is resulting from. In the following variation it comes from a "tag".

  • create a new file "booklist" (resulting in
  • add whatever entries to it and give entries tags, one of them for example "@books"
  • create a saved-search which groups by tags of entries in this particular file


f booklist g t


Then try to use the "+" icon in order to add further books from the "Tasks" view.

Attached is a sequence of screenshots depicting the issue:

The view properly groups by tags. Now tap "+"


Instead of the intended file (, it takes the grouping header ("@books") instead


If you add now through this capture dialog a new entry, it will create a new file "@books" ( Instead of having added it to "booklist".


The fix would be probably to use as target file for the "+" action always the underlying fully qualified / real filename (booklist), and not using whatever the "grouping / section" header value as displayed next to it in "Tasks" shows.

Thanks for this additional issue. That one will be resolved in the next release. You'll then be able to tap the + if grouped, for example, by tags and the item editor will default to the default file with the tag set as you'd expect.

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