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duplicate from existing capture template


Currently each capture template has to be created from scratch.

Would there be a possibility to create a duplicate from an existing capture template, so a user can use this as a start to modify things in order to finally create a next capture template?

For example currently there is a "swipe from right-2-left" action for "delete".

Maybe in this list for this swipe action (or alternatively in a "swipe from left-2-right" for example) could be added an additional action, such as "duplicate"?


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Hello. Thank you for this suggestion. I've made a note of this so I can consider in a future release.

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I just started using templates and I would love this as well!

Also, I love that you've built in the capability to add items to a subtree. I didn't know this was possible before, and it's going to make Beorg even more valuable for the stuff I do in datetrees. Thanks!

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