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file selector when creating new capture template


When creating a new capture template, currently the "Save To" requires the user to know the filename and enter it manually.

Unless the user wants to save it to a not yet existing .org file, the file would be automatically created and then manual entering of a (new) filename is reasonable.

But if the user wants to save it to an already existing .org file in beorg, is there a chance to get a file selector somehow, which allows the user to pick an existing filename?


I can see why that would be useful. I'll consider this in a future beorg update.


a file selector would also mitigate an issue I just came across. It's minor, once being aware of, but perhaps it could be a small improvement in a future update: removing trailing whitespace from entered "save to" filename value.

Following describing the issue deteted:

  • create an org file, for example "testfile" (results in "") in "Files" view
  • then create a capture template for adding entries to that new org file

Sometimes I have the habit to tap on the value (here "testfile") so it does not get replaced by whatever the typo algorithm thinks it should be:


This though adds a space right next to it


Now using the capture template to add an entry to "testfile" (thinking it is testfile...


But it created another, duplicate testfile file.


After syncing the file (files) to the computer, it becomes clear: it created another file with the trailing space.


Knowing this now, of course I will pay attention to not let it there with whitespace,

however, it would be a nice improvement if the filename value gets sanitized from trailing whitespace, so that it won't be able to create such files in the first place.


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