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Sync attempt blocks saving work


I've noticed an issue that on opening the beorg app, it tries to sync, but the server is not available at that moment, and then it takes a (too) long time till beorg cancels the sync and allows me to add new entries / use the app for editing (which implies saving stuff) purposes.


  • iOS version 15.7.5
  • beorg version 3.26.1 (311)
  • (in case it matters: I bought all extensions, apart from "Box Sync")
  • I set up WebDAV to a local IP address (192.168.x.x), with untrusted certificate enabled, and it all works usually
  • "Auto sync on modify" is disabled

Generally, with having "auto sync on modify" off, I thought the connection attempt to whatever sync method configured, is not done, until I trigger the sync explicitly via the top right menu option ("Perform Sync"). 
But I noticed that there is a sync attempt practically always started when the beorg app gets started / brought to the front.
Shouldn't this be off generally, when this setting is disabled? But I might have misunderstood the meaning of what this  toggle is for probably. How it is supposed to work?

Due to that automatically started sync process, and while the iPhone is having a WiFi connection, BUT if the sync server is not reachable for whatever reasons (simplest example would be when I'm outside and not in my "home LAN"), then the sync process won't find the sync server.
Then it would be nice if that is identified quickly and that sync attempt gets canceled (while I still haven't understood why the sync is triggered in the first place due to the toggle being off).

But currently the sync attempt takes quite a long time till it stops at some point in time. During that time of the sync attempt (visualized with that blue-gradient progress bar on top), any attempt from the user to enter entries will fail, since saving them won't work. I've attached an example clip how it appears to me. Finally I have to cancel (and hence discard) my entry, which is a pity depending on how much info I put in into a real entry (the clip is with obvious quick test entry).

Sometimes the sync process stops at some point (but easily takes more than 30 seconds or longer), or i have to kill the process and start beorg again, or simply going to the settings and turn off the webdav config temporarily.
But these are only suboptimal workarounds.

Would it be possible for a better user experience that the sync process 
a) adheres to the setting and does not trigger a sync attempt in the first place, 
or b) notices quickly enough that the sync server is not available so the user can continue using beorg, 
or if possible c) allows editing the information on the device, no matter if the sync server is there or not and the sync process is not blocking the user from using the app.

Or any other kind of approach, which helps the user to just kick off the beorg app, enter quickly an entry / does something, and closes the app again - which is a scenario i have often while on-the-go.


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Thank you for raising this issue. The "Auto sync on modify" is designed so that beorg will still sync when it goes into the background, or returns to the foreground, but won't sync each time you modify a file. Maybe an additional setting (possibly with some rewording) is required to make syncing completely under the user's control.

I'll investigate why beorg is taking so long to notice that it can't access your WebDAV server.

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