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How to set specific tag with longpress menu?

Hello all,

To set "ARCHIVE" tag for the current item, I am using below config in my,

(define (set-current-item-with-ARCHIVE-tag)
(set-current-item-tags! "ARCHIVE"))

(set! item-longpress-menu
'(("ARCHIVE this" (set-current-item-with-ARCHIVE-tag))))


But it didn't work even I tried restarting beorg many times...

I would appreciate your support on this and teaching me how to fix!

Thanks so much!

set-current-item-tags! requires a list to be provided. I think the following should work:

(define (set-current-item-with-ARCHIVE-tag) (set-current-item-tags! '("ARCHIVE")))

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Thanks so much! Matthew.
It works!

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