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Parameterized queries


Is it possible to have parameterized Saved searches? I have been reading through the documentation and searched the forum for ideas , but either I missed it or not found it.

I did create an iOS shortcut to perform a tasks search.  It's not bad, but having to go out of the app to get back in seems a bit strange.

thank you

Can you give me an example of how this would be used - and an example saved search with any required syntax added. 

I am using a week-centric task organization. Most of the tasks are not time centric though (no timestamps, schedules, deadlines). As a consequence, agenda view is almost useless for me. Thus I use the tasks view. There I want to see: - all the tasks from this week: ha "2024-W04" - all the tasks for today: ha "2024-02-22 Thursday" The above queries would have to be parameterized to be reusable. Does this make sense? Are there different ways I could achieve the same without the need of such saved searches?

Thank you for the additional information. This isn't possible at the moment, but I've just done a quick prototype which seems to work for this use case. The prototype extends the macros which can be used in the templates to the search syntax. For example: ha %year%-%month%-%day, or ha %year%-W%week% (although week isn't currently padded). You could even use Scheme, for example ha week-%(+ 1 1)% would be the equivalent to ha week-2.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else would find this a useful feature. I don't see any reason though with a little more testing not to include this functionality in the next update.

Those were the first I tried before posting the question :-). I'm don't know Scheme, but I hope getting a string like "2024-W08" will be possible. With gratitude, Alex
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