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Per-item alerting

Instead of a default one-size-fits-all (timed task reminders setting), it would be nice to be able to specify advanced alerting on a per-item basis (some items the default alert is fine, but some items I may need more of less time, I.e., 5 minutes before an online meeting or 15 minutes before some other kind of event.

Maybe someone’s developed a hook where if I were to include a “:ALERT: -5m” property on an item it could pick it up? 

This is something I'm meaning to get around to. The idea would be use the properties drawer, and then users could setup a custom action for commonly used times. It should theoretically be something quick-ish to add to beorg...

Precisely the method I was thinking of, so as not to conflict with the ORG "standard". :-) 

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