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Good iOS Markdown Viewer ?

Anyone know of a good Markdown viewer on iPhone?  I'd like to export my Org files to Markdown and drop them onto a USB key that I (or my family) could read anywhere when needed.

Thanks.  Obsidian looks very good.  Do you know if the Markdown that Org exports is fully compatible with Obsidian and vice versa?

According to  Obsidian's website it supports these 2 flavors:

Obsidian supports CommonMark, GitHub Flavored Markdown


Regular org-mode Markdown support though uses the (pretty plain) standard as described on org-mode info on Markdown export


The Markdown export back-end, “md”, converts an Org file to Markdown format, as defined at


Some people made an effort to export org-mode in the GFM flavor. How well this works and how well the compatibility is, I don't know.

  1. GFM exporter for org-mode:
  2. Exporting from org-mode via Pandoc with GFM option:

Do you need a markdown viewer only (as the initial post may imply)?
Or do you need also a markdown editor for kind of "round-trip editing", which the second reply could may imply ("fully compatible.. and vice versa")?

Just from hearing and their popularity, perhaps have a look also in
  • (probably more coding oriented)
  • (writer focused, probably one of the best apps for writing on iOS - but I couldn't find which markdown flavor it supports (iA Writer's Markdown Guide), but contacting their support should help; yes it comes at a price point, but no subscription; you probably want to filter out also any app not capable of accessing local storage on iPhone ("Files" provider) or relevant file providers you are looking for - if "roundtrip editing" is a must-have)

A markdown viewer that  can follow links is enough for me.  I think it would be easier for my family to use rather than try to setup an HTML server.  Also, a USB key is safer for family data than using a server over the Internet.

I'll look into your suggestions.  Thanks.

If focus is solely on viewing, then I guess that most - if not all - markdown-supported editors/viewers on iOS probably support / display the markdown-exports from Emacs.

Here's a free iOS app, called "Typewriter":

It can access Apple's "Files", once an .md file has been opened, click on "Preview", which also renders markdown-formatted URLs (next to simple URLs as well) into clickable links and tap one. That will open the mobile Safari web-browser. Just tested it briefly, could be a viable option.

Thanks.  I'll take a look at Typrwriter.  It looks simpler than Obsidian.

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