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beorg ignores files

I'm using beorg 3.25.1 on iOS 17.1.1. My org-files reside in a git-repository that is managed by Working Copy. In beorg I have setup sync via "Choose Folder" and then selected the folder Working Copy provides. In my I enabled subfolders. All subfolders are recognized fine. The problem is that beorg doesn't recognize all org-files in my folder structure and I can't see a pattern to this. I open beorg and everything is shown. After a second or so a lot of tasks simply vanish. This can also be seen in the files tab where beorg shows the number of files below the folder name. Beorg opens and it shows e. g. 12 files in the folder. A second later it's zero files.

Does anybody have the same problem or might offer a solution to this?

Looking at the beorg log may help understand better what is happening. To view the log so it can be easily copied for pasting somewhere else see You can also access the log via a button towards the bottom of the Settings tab.

I took a look at the log but I can't make out, whats happening or why beorg sees the files and then decides to just not show them. Here the log entries of a file where I know that it's affected:


12:55:13 Downloading file: {
    file = "<path to file>";
12:55:13 ORGSyncService: Updated download last modification: {
    file = "<path to file>";
    lastModified = "2023-11-27 10:04:16 +0000";
12:55:14 DocumentPickerSyncService: Updating /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/C4829CFC-ADA5-4AA0-8F8F-56F74130C3E4/File Provider Storage/Repositories/<path to file> modification date to 2023-11-27 10:04:16 +0000
12:55:14 ORGSyncService: Updated download last modification: {
    file = "/DWD/10-19 Anlagen/18 Brandschutz/18.03 Handfeuerlo\U0308scher/2023-10-18 Austausch nach";
    lastModified = "2023-11-27 10:04:16 +0000";
16:08:47 Remote file not newer than local file: {
    file = "<path to file>";
    remoteLastModified = "1701079456.525465";


I wonder whether it is the unicode character in the folder name (this is shown in the log as \U0308). If you are able to try the following that would help narrow down whether this is the issue:

- Create a new folder (outside of beorg) with a similar name to the folder shown above (including the unicode character and spaces)

- Add a file to that folder (outside of beorg) which beorg should sync

- See if the same issue occurs

- If it does then zip up the folder demonstrating the issue, ensuring that when the zip file is expanded the folder is extracted, and either attach here to this forum post or send to me via a ticket

I created a folder in the Files app on my iPhone and added a file using Working Copy. That one shows up fine in beorg. I created another folder at work with my Windows PC and added one file through explorer (right click, add text file) and one using gVim. The second folder was then added to the repository using git portable. It shows the same problems as described above. The folder shows up in beorg but the two files disappear after a moment.

I think this is leading to problem regarding unicode. In the log the ö in the file name ist encoded as o plus \U0308 which is a "Combining Diaeresis". The single letter ö should be \U00F6 which is called "Latin Small Letter O with Diaeresis".

(1.71 KB)

Interesting! It also sounds tricky to investigate, as I don't have easy access to Windows.

One idea is for you to run, on the command line, "git ls-files". That should show how git is internally encoding the filenames. It should reveal if git on Windows, and using Working Copy is somehow encoding the filenames differently. For example here is what I see if I create a git repo with the files you sent me:

% git ls-files


"Testordner \303\266 Windows \303\244 Explorer \303\274/Datei erstellt \303\266 mit \303\244 Explorerkontext \303\"

"Testordner \303\266 Windows \303\244 Explorer \303\274/Datei erstellt \303\266 mit \303\244 Nerdtree \303\"

"Testordner \303\266 Windows \303\244 Explorer \303\274/Datei erstellt \303\266 mit \303\244 gVim \303\"

"Testordner \303\266 iPhone \303\244 Dateien \303\274/Datei erstellt \303\266 mit \303\244 Working \303\274"

Then follow this with a "git ls-files -z":

.DS_StoreTestordner ö Windows ä Explorer ü/Datei erstellt ö mit ä Explorerkontext ü.orgTestordner ö Windows ä Explorer ü/Datei erstellt ö mit ä Nerdtree ü.orgTestordner ö Windows ä Explorer ü/Datei erstellt ö mit ä gVim ü.orgTestordner ö iPhone ä Dateien ü/Datei erstellt ö mit ä Working ü

Lets see if we can see if there is an encoding issue, and try and work out where the problem lies.

I ran "git ls-files" and and "git ls-files -z" on Windows and got the exact same output .

The problem still persists on iOS 17.4.1 and the most recent version of beorg.

I've got a Windows 11 VM setup now. However when I decompress the provided zip file the filenames seem to get corrupted. Here is how things look in Windows vs macOS. This doesn't help resolve your issue unfortunately. I'll try and do some research into how Windows copes/doesn't cope with files named as your examples and how this interacts with git.

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