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Hyperlink support?

It looks like you have (some?) support for Org Modes's hyperlinks, but I don't see documentation for how far that goes.  In particular, I make use of Hyperlinks for creating a simple Contact database that doesn't require any special extras (like an SQLite DB).  I simply make an Org file with an outline of all my contacts where each contact has a header (the name of the person), some descriptive text about (perhaps a list of information), and a CUSTOM-ID property.  I can then use hyperlinks in my other files to reference the contact like so:

 [[][Contact Name]]

This shows up as a link in Beorg, but clicking on the link takes me to the file, but not directly to the contact.

Can this be added to Beorg?

I'll take a look at this.

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Bumping this...

This is in my to-be-looked-at-soon list. I'm hoping to have this sorted out once the release I delayed from before Christmas has gone out.

p.s. Note that, if you implement click on a hyperlink in Beorg, keep a stack of where you came from and a pop command to take you back where you were.  In my use case above, I might click on the contact link, cut/copy some information, then backtrack to paste it where I was.

Yes, any screens shown when you click a link will be stacked so you can easily backtrack and not get lost in your workflow.

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Also, if beorg is planning on implementing org links, it would be awesome to implement org-roam and denote links (I personally use denote, but understand if org-roam is a higher priority as there are more users).

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