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Encryption in beorg

Some things about the "Encryption in beorg" paper:

  1. Shouldn't it be linked into the "How To Articles" page?  Or is it referenced somewhere else?
  2. Could you mention the lock button at the bottom of the Edit Task page as the way of encrypting/decrypting tasks.  My first read of the page left me wondering how do I do this?  Being one of your older users, I didn't realize there was a new button there.
  3. Can you mention how to clear/change the password on the iOS keychain?
  4. You should explain the following sentence more: "If an item is encrypted you won’t be able to quick add notes from the agenda or TODO tab or use timers."  Where are timers explained?

Good point about the lack of a user friendly introduction to encryption in beorg. I've hopefully rectified this with a new article,

You can't currently clear the password in the iOS Keychain, but I have explained how to change the password of an item above.

For details on timers in beorg check out

One note about

How is the "crypt" tag added to / removed from an item?  Are you assuming that the Org user will take care of the tag?  If I "Remove encryption", does that remove the tag?  Should it?

Sorry for the slow reply. Your ticket had gone into a queue for approval (I've no idea why my support desk sometimes classifies tickets which require approval).

beorg should add the crypt tag, if not already added, when you choose to encrypt an item - and then remove it if you remove the encryption from an item.

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll look at add this detail to the article.


According to the documentation, the crypt tag name can be changed.


The encrypted item will be given the tag crypt (this tag name can be changed).

(source: Link to documentation part)

I wasn't able to find this setting. Can someone help me in finding where this setting is in the app?


You need to create an (a special file read when beorg starts) and  set the value of the variable org-crypt-tag, e.g. (set! org-crypt-tag "DifferentTag")

See for a tutorial on using an for advanced customisation of beorg.

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Thanks Matthew!

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