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Show item children by default

Currently I have to tap each item to show its children, is it possible to show item children by default?

Thanks for the additional detail. I will consider this for a future update. It should be a very easy thing to implement, which always makes it more likely I'll get this done.

Yes, I want the outline to be expanded when I open the outliner, and want this behaviour for all outlines

as if you set:

(setq org-startup-folded nil)     or       (setq org-startup-folded 'content)        in emacs


Because my todo items are mostly second level, and it's tedious to expand the first level item


Please consider adding this feature to beorg outliner, as controling the visibility is important to an outliner, and I'm very willingly to buy an extension for this feature

This isn't currently possible in beorg.

  • Are you looking for an outline to be completely expanded when you open the outliner?
  • Would this be the case for all outlines, or only ones with a particular file level directive (such as #+STARTUP: showall) if you use Org mode?
I have checked the "Settings" tab and the "" file, there seems to be no relevant settings
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