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What's your desktop setup like on MacOS?

 My phone is most definitely my tertiary device. I use my 2 computers most of the time, followed by my iPad and then my iPhone last.

So, my primary method of interacting with my tasks is going to be one or both of my Macs.

I know Beorg uses orgmode as it's storage format, and I can open my org file easily in emacs for Mac. But, there are issues with doing this:

1. There are no native MacOS notifications on emacs for Macs.

There are some hacks people have come up with that are less than ideal.

2. I can't have the same orgmode file open on two devices at the same time. 

Right now, I am in my basement trying to edit my TODO list and it won't let me, because emacs on my Mac upstairs has the file open and locked.

I fully admit I am a total emacs newbie, so there may be solutions I don't know about.

So, Beorg power users, what's your desktop setup like?

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