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How do I customize the swipe/long press drop down menu?

 I know that you can customize the item editor menu with, but the item editor menu shows only after you click to open an item.

Is there a way to customize the swipe and/or long press menu just like the item editor menu?


It isn't currently possible to customise this. What sort of things are you looking to add?

For me, adding something similar to item-editor-menu would be great. The attached image showed what I mean.
(30.7 KB)

I've added this feature - I'm planning on using this myself. I hope to release an update with this later this week/next week.

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Did you release this? I'd love to add a function that'll let me reschedule the current item. I'm used to Things 3 and would love to have this (or the ability to customize the swipe gesture)

See for details on how to add your own items to this menu.

At some point I must review how beorg is documented as information like this is scattered in too many different places!

Well that's excellent! I'll go make use of that right away :)

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