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Time & Timezone crossing

On a trip from CA to NY last week, I think I noticed that BeOrg has a problem with changing timezones.  I think even Org has this problem, but it's more pronounced in BeOrg because of mixing the BeOrg calendar with the iOS calendar.

That is, the iOS calendars updated for the new timezone (w/ some whining), but BeOrg's calendar didn't update when it (probably?) should.  Is that controllable by BeOrg?

beorg assumes that all dates and times are in whatever timezone you are currently in, and don't take into account the timezone in which they were created. Potentially if beorg isn't restarted when switching timezones then it may not function as expected until restarted. Do you recall whether beorg either got restarted by the system or manually?

Many things were going on, so I may not remember this right.

I believe what I noticed is this:

  1. I haven't released the beorg calendar on iOS to my family as I don't want to confuse them with it yet, so I  have another set of calendars which I duplicate some meetings into for them.
  2. When I got to NYC, I remember my iPhone alerting me to calendar time changes for the new timezone.  I'm not sure exactly what it said and I wonder now if I answered that correctly.
  3. I believe the family calendars updated for the local time, but the beorg calendar didn't, so I saw the two entries for a meeting at two different times.
  4. I didn't expect the Org files to change -- they're controlled by Emacs/Org.
  5. Now that I'm back in CA, my calendars (including beorg) seem correct, so I'm beginning to wonder what I saw.
  6. I don't think I restarted my iPhone when I got to NYC, but I might've restarted when I got back to CA.

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