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Documentation of Location PROPERTY ?

Do you have documentation on the location property? 1. Uppercase? 2. Format? 3. Semicolons, commas,…

  • beorg ignores the case of property keys
  • The property value is in the format <latitude>,<longitude>
  • Latitude and longitude are comma separated

An example of a properties drawer created by beorg containing a location:

:LOCATION: 51.653,-3.281

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If I update the Location of the event in the Beorg calendar on my iPhone,  will BeOrg later reflect that back into the Org file?  Could it do the conversion from street address (on the iPhone) to lat/long (in Org LOCATION)?  Do you have a preferred way of getting the Lat/Long?

The calendar sync that beorg does is one way only - from beorg to a calendar (which ideally it has sole control.) There is a button in the item editor in beorg (second from the left at the bottom) which shows a menu containing the item "Assign current location". Google Maps can copy a latitude,longitude (although surrounded by parenthesis) to the clipboard which you can also easily insert into beorg. An address search sounds like a nice enhancement for a future update. 

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