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Dropbox not syncing

When I try syncing, beorg shows the spinning wheel only, and nothing updates. I tried deleting and reinstalling, unlinking and re linking Dropbox account, stop start wifi etc, nothing helps. There is no debug window, so I can’t see where it’s hanging. My org files are small. I’ve confirmed Dropbox is updating. My wifi is fast. iPhone 12 mini with lots of space and battery and wifi signal. Any thoughts? Cheers! Jz

I've seen a reply as a ticket. It looks as though everything has synced now? beorg should display a small syncing message at the top of the Agenda, Tasks and Files tab whilst it is in progress - if you don't see that on your device let me know.

Yes, everything eventually synced.  There was a small "syncing" message that stayed there for hours (no exaggeration), so I couldn't see if it had just hung or wasn't working. -- weird, I posted two follow-up comments to this issue, and they have both been deleted.  Anyway, finally all sorted out.  Cheers! jz

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