3.20.4 / 3.20.3

* 3.20.4

+ The location property is now synced to the calendar entry

+ Before attempting to sync a check is made that there is an available cellular of Wi-Fi network connection

+ Two new search criteria. ~hp~ matches items which have a parent with the specified headline - for example ~hp Meetings~ would match all items under the parent Meetings. ~ha~ matches items which have an ancestor with the specified headline - for example ~ha Work~ would match all items which have any ancestor item with the deadline Work.

* 3.20.3

+ Fix for calendar sync generating multiple events for events spanning multiple days

+ "Show All" on the Tasks tab now uses the filter as defined by the Scheme variable todo-default-filter

+ When items are being sorted by priority a default of "B" will be used for items with no priority. This can be changed by setting the Scheme variable org-priority-default.

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