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Adding id-property in a new file using templates

Hi all,

I am new to Beorg and using it together with Emacs and org-roam. When I enabled sub folders in Beorg a new tab popped up called “notes”. When you create a file through that tab a header is added to a file with a unique id that is compatible with org-roam, super awesome! I am now wondering how to enable such a header in a template. 

What I would like:

I would like to create a journal entry from my phone, iPad or laptop. When there is no file for that date it should create the file with the id in de properties. If the file does exist it should just append the entry I made to the file. 

I tried to set this up through the UI, but maybe there is something I can do through 

I've had a think about this question, and I don't think you can quite do what you want at the moment in beorg. Whilst you create a template which has the filename set to something like...

Journal-%year%-%month%-%day% that only one file is created each day, those files won't have an ID in the properties. This would be relatively easy to fix, so that any new files beorg creates would have a file level PROPERTIES drawer added with an ID. Potentially some users wouldn't want this, so it would need to be an option.

It'll be interesting to hear if anyone else has any thoughts on this. Thanks for posting this idea!

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Thank you for the reply! I am also curious what others think.
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