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#+FILETAGS: and scheme search filter

 hello. new beorg user here. i've created this scheme search filter which works, except for just one file that uses #+FILETAGS:

    (member "morning" (item-all-tags item))
        (not (member "morning" (item-all-tags item)))
        (not (member "afternoon" (item-all-tags item)))
        (not (member "evening" (item-all-tags item)))

basically this filter search for all the tasks that can be done in the morning (tag morning) OR any tasks that can be done at any time of the day (no morning, afternoon or evening tag set).

it works, but for some reason it doesn't filter tasks from a particular file which is just a list of tasks without any other heading or subheading and with a "#+FILETAGS:  :afternoon:" on top of the file.
if i use a normal search like "t morning" those file tasks are correctly filtered.

am i doing something wrong or this is a bug?

there's no way to order items using scheme search filters right? 

If you can post a sample file, I'll take a look and see what's happening here.

Currently there isn't a way to order items using the Scheme search. I do have (rough) plans for overhauling the searching and making the non-Scheme search much more powerful, so that you could do what you are attempting here without resorting to coding!

ok. the original file contains personal stuff, and it's written in italian, so i quickly copied some stuff in this example file.

i've tested it, and using the above scheme search filter the tasks are not filtered, but if i wrote "t morning" the tasks are correctly filtered

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Try `item-tags' not `item-all-tags', like this,

    (member "morning" (item-tags item))
        (not (member "morning" (item-tags item)))
        (not (member "afternoon" (item-tags item)))
        (not (member "evening" (item-tags item)))


i need tag inheritance, and I've used item-all-tags for that reason.

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