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x-callback-url: set subheading OR deadline+capture template


thank you so much for the app! It's been a really good experience so far. 

One of the things I have been trying do is have a nice set up with `Shortcuts`. 

One thing I am currently trying to get working is: 

1. Capture template with pre-filled notes, goes to specific subheading in file

2. Add new todo with a given deadline date (from Shortcuts) using that capture template

One issue currently is, that with `x-callback-url` I read that it is not currently possible to both use a capture template and include the deadline parameter. 

As an alternative I tried to ignore the capture parameter and instead just go straight for the `file` param, but that means I am not able to target a specific heading in that file.

Would there be a way to either be able to use capture template + deadline or include a way to target a subheading (something like "&file=notes:heading", could allow for nestedness by just adding more colon separated names)?

If you need any more information please let me know!

Thank you. 


I have similar request. I would also like to add a new todo entry under top level heading on a file using x-callback-url. Similar to org-capture file+headline -target.

Rational: To add new todo into specific active project, I use x-callback to fetch my projects (top level headlines) with specific status from a to shortcuts and let me choose from them the project I would like to add the todo to. Use this selection to add entry with x-callback-url to file under selected top level project entry.

In answer to dmong you may find that you can supply the deadline as notes using the URL scheme (e.g. set notes to DEADLINE: <2023-02-17 Fri>)

I really need to look at overhauling how the URL scheme currently works with capture / look at supporting Shortcuts directly. In the short term however adding support for overriding more template parameters is something I'll take a look at.

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