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Task-search and Badge-problem

I want to search for tasks that are due today or overdue. From what I’ve found how logic operators work in scheme, I would have guessed that: “(or (k d 0)(k o)” should do it. But it doesn’t. What would be the correct way to search? When I add this to the #+begin_src scheme (set! badge-filter "k d 0") #+end_src no badge shows up. It works when I set it in the repl though. What am I doing wrong?
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A simple example of a valid Scheme search is:

(string=? (item-priority item) "A")

This uses the function item-priority to get the priority from item, where item is available during searching and represents an item being matched.

If you take a look at you'll see defined the other functions which can be used in matching (under the Org headline Items). You can then use Scheme logic functions such as or to combine these.

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