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Second level outline

I have several files with todos and I’d like to add new tasks to the second outline level: * Top Header (which differs by file) ** TODO New tasks should go here Is this possible? Templates seem to require that I name the top level header the same in every file, or have a separate template for each file.

You can do this by using the subtree options when editing the template. For example if you added "Years" and then "Months" you would create a hierarchy similar to:

* Years

** Months

*** The new headline created by the template

The "Years" and "Months" headlines would be added automatically if they don't exist in the file.

Thanks. Close to what I need, but not quite there.

Let's say I have two files:

* 1-Offs Tasks
** TODO Blah blah
** TODO Another blah blah

* Health Tasks
** TODO Whatever
** TODO Another whatever


There's no way, in Beorg, to ensure that a new task goes into the second level outline of both of those files without having a separate template for both, right?

It'd be nice, for example, to use something like "/Tasks/" to have a more flexible approach in identifying the top level of the subtree.

(Or can it already do that?)

This isn't possible at the moment - to have beorg append an item to the first subtree in the file without the template knowing the name of that subtree. Is this something you've configured Emacs to do?

I have my tasks across multiple different files rather than all in one. My files all have a tree with the word "Tasks" in the header title, so I'm thinking it might be cool for Beorg to have a pattern-matching feature to put the task under the first heading that matches the pattern.

That does sound like a good idea (the pattern matching). I'll consider that for a future update.

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