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checklists with subitems - changing all subitems

 The typical use I have in mind: a structured checklist, with say 10 top-level items where each item has many sub items.  This might be "monthly" todo list.  At the beginning of the month, I'll want to uncheck all items.  Or, uncheck all subitems below a specific item.

Is this possible with beorg?


There is an org extension for emacs called org-checklist but it would be awesome if there's a way to do this with regular org and beorg.

The answer is: select all the items and type C-c C-x C-b to toggle the state of all checkboxes in the region.

In beorg:

- Bring up the checklist in the notes editor

- Select the lines that you want to uncheck

- Tap the 5th toolbar button from the left

- Choose "Reset Checklist"

Thanks.  Btw, my answer was clearly for the emacs side.  Appreciate the response for the app side.

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