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getting to work

I'm following the beorg learning page about excluding certain files from generating todo's. I have created a file with the contents as in the example but it won't work.

The contents of is:


* TODO Orgtodo item                                                     :Foo:
- State "TODO"       from ""           [2022-10-10 Mon 21:04]
* TODO Other todo item


The contents of the is:


* my settings
#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(set! todo-exclude-files ’(""))

 The output of "(load 'init)" is "true".

I don't have previous experience with org mode so maybe I'm missing something simple?

Make sure you restart beorg after modifying the What you have looks correct to me - you should find on the Tasks tab that the file is ignored. Maybe add your as an attachment so I can better replicate.

The problem was smart punctuation, the apostrophe on line 3. I edited the files with 1writer app. When doing it directly with beorg, the apostrophe is the correct one. Not so in 1writer. This one is my fault, not 1writer (who does not know what's actually needed).

Great to hear it is now working!

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