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Moving from todo.txt to Beorg

So I am here as a sort of todo.txr refugee.

ToDo.txt is a great app, but using it on an iOS devices has some challenges, mostly around file syncing.  The two todo.txt apps in the iOS app store require either Dropbox or the Files app for syncing. I find that using the files app with a provider like Nextcloud will work for a few days, but eventually stops working if you don't pop the Nextcloud app, which I almost never do. And Dropbox is just too expensive. You need to pay $9.99/month to sync more than 2 devices.

I looked at various online todo apps, but none of them offer end-to-end encryption and the ones that do, charge an insane price.

So, I installed BeOrg and setup nextcloud via WebDAV and so far, that's working OK on my iOS devices.

My issue now is with the desktop. I can obviously use Emacs Org Mode to edit the file, but that seems "too much" for just a task manager. I'm not in Emacs all day.

I really like that todo.txt is a shell script and any time I want to see my tasks, I just type 't' in bash and I get a list of them. A have a terminal open all day, so this makes viewing my tasks list super convenient.

Is there anything available on the Mac/Windows/Linux side that can give me either:

1. A GUI to my org file to see my tasks

2. A script similar to to allow me to list and manipulate my todos outside of emacs.

I'd also like to know how to get some kind of timed sync for the org file. I like when when I make a change that it auto syncs. But how do I get it to pick up changes that I make on my desktop? Is the only way to do it to click on the 3 dots and choose 'Perform Sync'?

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beorg will perform an automatic sync in the background periodically - although when is under the control of iOS rather than the app itself. It will also sync when opened.

An on-hold project has been to rewrite the core of beorg in such a way that it would allow for a command line client, although this hasn't materialised yet. I guess it would be also a possible project to create wrappers around emacsclient to create a command line tool to perform updates from the command line.

If anyone knows of any such tools out there please add to this topic!

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