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Active Timer Widget

I’d love to be able to add a widget for the active timer in beorg. The existing widgets are useful but limited. Thanks for considering!

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In my experience the sync is actually pretty good—beorg tends to keep up with my active timer in Emacs unless I leave it running for way too long. So, I’d be comfortable with this limitation and would only expect perfect reliability if I initiated the timer from Beorg. Even simply having the currently timed task displayed (with our without the timer, although with the timer would be my preference) would be helpful. I would not even mind running a sync in Beorg before relying on the widget if I’m started in EMacs and moving over to Beorg. In short, I’m comfortable with some compromises for the option to have this feature and would find it more useful than the current widgets.

That is an interesting idea. There would be some limitations - if you are using beorg and Emacs at the same and beorg hasn't synced the latest files, and therefore doesn't know what the current timer is, what you see would be out of date. However if just using beorg to manage the timers then beorg could easily persist some basic information about the running timer and display in a widget.

If you have any thoughts on the above that might be useful in seeing whether that limitation would make the feature still useful.

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