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How do I change the Beorg notification sound?

Hi there, how do I change the Beorg notification sound? Right now, it's very quiet and imperceptible. It actually rings quite loudly and nicely on my Apple Watch (which is great), but I'm not always wearing that. And when the notifications go off and I'm not wearing my watch, then I have a problem hearing it from my phone or iPad.

I looked in Settings > Sounds and none of them seem to be the Beorg sound. So I'm wondering what I can do to change the sound for it?

Thanks for any help!

Thanks for adding this. I've just replied to a ticket that you raised, and only just noticed you have added this to the forum and it needed approval. Thanks!

For any other users reading this, it isn't currently possible to change the notification sound. It would be great to get feedback from others on what everyone thinks about the current sound, and whether it is worth beorg offering a selection of notification sounds.

Thanks! Maybe make it possible so it's just the regular notification sound from iOS so it's not too much work for you and we can change it via system prefs?

In the next beorg update there will be a new extension to allow you to change between 19 different notification sounds. Nathaniel - if you aren't currently a beorg Premium subscriber raise a ticket with your "Subscription anonymous user ID" (see the beorg debug log to get this - and I'll make sure you get access to this feature as thanks for suggesting it.

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