+ Update icons used on tab bar and in some other places in beorg

+ You now need to long press the search button on the Tasks tab

+ Replace many action sheets with menus

+ Stop beorg updating its local database when a file hasn't changed

+ Fix for subfolders not working with "Choose Folder" sync method

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Thank you for this release! BeOrg looks very modern now and I really like that I can add the date ranges for a particular task. Awesome work. I would also like to report few issues/enhancements ideas: 1. I’m syncing the org files via WorkingDirectory therefore all my files are in stored locally on the phone. Would it be possible for BeOrg to read the tasks within nested directories? 2. I would really love to see the date ranges in agenda if possible. 3. I really like that Beorg now correctly handles habits dates however all my habits are being shown not only on today’s agenda but also on every day past today.
4. Oh I also found that my agenda is not showing tasks for the next week in this release, so it’s probably a regression. 5. I do also experience a lot of local conflicts when adding more than one task in short period of time to the same file when using local phone storage instead of ICloud. Not sure why BeOrg complains about the conflicts, though.

Thanks for your feedback.

1. You can enable subfolders by adding (set! sync-subfolders #t) to your init.org. Check out https://beorg.app/learning/initorg/ if you haven't used an init.org for customising beorg before.

2. I hope at some point to review what information you are shown in the agenda, and date ranges would be part of that.

3. I've just tried creating a habit in Org mode, and I'm seeing it come up in the Org mode agenda each time based on the repeat. Do you have any specific customisation in Emacs to stop this happening? If not could you provide an example of the Org mode text for a habit which you don't see repeat.

4. I'm not seeing this issue myself. Is this the case for all tasks or is it just certain types of tasks? It might be worth checking the beorg debug log (see https://beorg.app/support/debug/) to see if any clues there as to what is happening.

5. On the beorg Settings tab turn off "Auto sync on modify" in the "FILE SYNCHRONIZATION" section. Hopefully that will resolve this issue. If this is off then beorg will only sync its local copy of the files with the ones in Working Copy when you background the app rather than as soon as a change is made. I have this turned off myself and it makes beorg much snappier. I may potentially turn this off by default for all users at some point.

1. This option seems to not work for me. I've tried to put the init.org in the root of the folder without effect (outside of OrgRoam directory). Only the init file was read by the BeOrg. Basically I got a folder that contains a OrgRoam directory (and before I set that directory as an only one that should be sync) in which I got all the tasks for BeOrg, but I also got some other folders that include tasks like Journals I would also like to sync and those are outside of the of OrgRoam directory.

2. Thank you!

3. Oh yes, I got `(setq org-habit-show-habits-only-for-today t)`. Also a better visualization of habits would be much appreciated.

4,5. I will try to debug it and come back with the repro. Cheers!

4. I’ve just checked the tasks tab and I can confirm BeOrg has all required information to correctly schedule tasks. For instance when I open a task that is scheduled in two weeks I can see BeOrg recognizes the date. However in debug section I’m not seeing task logs with the date after tomorrow’s day and before today’s time. Yesterday I also saw a range of 2 days in the agenda. 5. Unfortunately this doesn’t help much. Creating two tasks in the same file then closing and reopening the app and creating another one in the same file results in conflict. 6. I would also like you to know that usage of schedule + ranges and repetitions seems to rather not work well with org mode https://www.reddit.com/r/orgmode/comments/vov5t3/repeated_scheduled_item_with_range_is_shown_in/
7. Please forgive me. I got another issue to report. When specifying the “show to” date it’s impossible to remove the time. I mean even if the definition of the task in “show to” doesn’t include time it’s automatically added by BeOrg.

Please feel free to attach your init.org so I can see if there are any syntax issues.

I haven't yet been able to replicate the "show to" bug you've reported. If you are able to provide some step by step bullet points to reproduce the issue that would be much appreciated. Make sure that you aren't mixing up the "show on" date with the inactive date beorg adds representing task creation.

4. It seems that this definition of the task causes rest of the tasks to not be scheduled properly:


* TODO some task
:CREATION_DATE: [2022-07-01 Fri 10:10]
:SHOW_DATE: <2022-07-04 Mon +1d>--<2022-07-09 Sat>
:LAST_REPEAT: [2022-07-02 Sat 09:41]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2022-07-02 Sat 09:41]

7. Please check this task definition. As you can see there is not show to date in the definition however when accessing the task properties in beorg "show to" date is automatically added. Saving this task will also modify the contents of the file.

* TODO A some task :@health:
:SHOW_DATE: <2022-07-05 Tue 08:00 .+1d>--<2022-07-17 Sun>
:LAST_REPEAT: [2022-07-04 Mon 13:39]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2022-07-04 Mon 13:39]
- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2022-07-02 Sat 12:15]

 8. Additionally I would like to report the tasks with ranges are incorrectly shown in calendar. Please check the task definition from the 7.

9. Here is my init.org


* BeOrg Configuration

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
  (set! beorg-add-newline-between-headlines #t)
  (set! org-tags-column 0)
  (set! org-remove-property-drawers-from-render-output #t)
  (set! org-remove-dates-from-render-output #t)
  (set! org-log-into-drawer "LOGBOOK")
  (set! sync-subfolders #t)

 10. Could it be possible to have a custom var that completely hides the "Notes" from tabbar? I'm managing Notes via LogSeq and this icon is an additional noise for me.

Thank you very much for all your help! All the best to you and your family!

I think part of the issue above is what beorg is doing with <2022-07-04 Mon +1d>--<2022-07-09 Sat>. My understanding was that Org mode doesn't handle date ranges with a repeat. In my testing if I set that up in Org mode and set the task to done the first date (i.e. the 2022-07-04) gets incremented by one day each time, however the second date (2022-07-09) does not. So you get into a situation where the first date is then after the second date. It is very possible that is a use case I haven't considered and that the result from Org mode is entirely meaningful. However when I wrote this functionality in beorg I assumed that it wasn't a legal date representation (i.e. a date range with a repeat) as Org mode doesn't update the second date.

So I think the above is confusing beorg, and I need to think how best to fix this so that subsequent weeks agendas don't appear empty!

As for the time being added, I haven't yet been able to reproduce that. Once I get some more understanding on the above however I will continue to investigate.

I'll look at adding a switch to turn off the Notes tab in a future update.

As I understand range with the repeat works only with "show at" and means to repeat the task every X time up to the date specified in "show to". I think this is exactly how it should work. Take your time! All the best and thank you for making BeOrg!

Thanks for bearing with me on this one. I've updated beorg to copy this behaviour, so now the repeat will not go past the end date. I think what was confusing me is that the behaviour is different with the "show at" to scheduled and deadline - for now however the behaviour will be the same with scheduled and deadline in beorg, however in practice that shouldn't matter as it looks as though in Org mode you shouldn't use repeat on a scheduled/deadline and specify an end date... maybe!

In the next beorg update, which will likely now be after my holiday, this behaviour should fix the agenda issue you've been having.

(beorg tries to copy the behaviour of Org mode as much as possible, however I never look at the Org mode source code as beorg isn't available under the GPL so is a strict clean room implementation).

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