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Need help with url scheme search

Hi. I can’t seem to get the url scheme for search working… For example: I tried to use “beorg://x-callback-url/search?search=drive”, expecting the link to open Beorg to search view with all items with “drive” showing. However, the link opens to either the default (agenda) view if the app is not already running in the background. If the app was already running in the background, the link opens Beorg to the last active view. The search doesn’t happen. Am I doing this correctly?

The documented URL scheme for search was designed for use with Shortcuts - it provides the results as JSON which can then be parsed and displayed.

There is however an undocumented URL scheme which is used by the widget which may work for you. It is almost exactly as you've provided however the path is tasks instead of search. For example beorg://x-callback-url/tasks?search=drive.

I've added a task for later this week to add this to the documentation in case anyone else is looking for this capability. Thanks for your question!

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Awesome! Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
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