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Show TODO state of subitems

I would love to see the TODO state of subitems in the item view. Use case: I have a todo item “pack things for trip” and I added subitems for everything I have to pack. It would be great to be able to tick these off while I’m progressing. I can set the todo state of the subitem to done, but this is not reflected in the main item view where just the headline of the subitems is shown. Just a TODO or DONE in bold before the subitem title would be sufficient for me :) And of course I would be willing to pay for this feature. Thanks!

Hi. Not sure if this will help you… But if you don’t need much details about the individual sub items and just need to “tick things off”, you can enter them as a checklist into the notes field. Ex.: + [ ] item one + [ ] item two + [ ] item three + [ ] item four + [ ] item five Then these will show as check boxes you can tap to complete in the task interface under notes.

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A great idea, and one that should be easy to add. I've made a note of this and hope to have this in an upcoming release. I've got a bit bogged down in a new date picker for beorg, but hopefully once I've become unstuck I'll get round to some of these smaller improvements.

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