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Ability to share a task

Hi. Would it be possible to add a way to share a task with a link back to it? For example: 1. a)From within a task (or via swipe action) open the iOS share menu. b)Beorg automatically creates a unique ID and adds it to property drawer (Key: BeorgID, Value: [unique id]) 2. a)I select my method of sharing via iOS share options. b)Beorg passes through task header (and notes?) and a link back to the task in Beorg based on the new unique id. It’s nothing urgent but would be quite useful to me. Or if there’s already another way to accomplish something similar please let me know. Thank you
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Thanks for the detailed write up of your idea. This is definitely something I would like to also see. I'm slowly getting all the pieces in place so this kind of idea can be implemented - I'm part of the way through adding a database to beorg which will keep track of item metadata and allow you for more efficient querying (both by beorg itself for the type of use case you've suggested, and also for the user). I've made a note of this use case and will revisit once I reach an appropriate point.

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