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Should Beorg sync its files into a shared directory?

Hi all,

My workflow would benefit from Beorg syncing its files (via WebDAV, in my case) into a directory that was visible to other apps on my system. One use case where this would help is when using a separate text editing application like 1Writer to edit text in my org tree.

Would anybody else benefit from this? Is there another way to solve this problem? I’ve looked into Mobius Sync a bit, but it has an issue that prevents me from using it.


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Have you looked at the options for Sync Method in the settings of Beorg?  Of course, the problem with syncing your files to a directory that is used by other programs is that it can lead to sync errors where one program overwrites another program's changes.  Syncthing (Mobius Sync) should be able to help with this provided it isn't syncing too often (example: 1Writer constantly changing the file for every little change and Beorg trying to use the file in the middle of all the changes).  Properly closing the apps when done might help that.  Another possibility is Syncthing working in the middle -- sync beorg to synthing dir, then sync thst to 1writer.

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