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BeOrg Scheme Hooks

Question -- have you considered adding Scheme "hooks" (a la Emacs) to BeOrg for key functions (TBD)?  If the hook is empty, then BeOrg just does the usual.  Examples:

1. A pre-task-read hook that gets a task after BeOrg reads it in and breaks it up into a list before processing it.  Functions could modify the list before BeOrg works on it.

2. A post-task-read hook to allow BeOrg to get help on what to do with the task.

3. etc.

This is to encourage people to add their own functionality to BeOrg without rewriting BeOrg code.

You can see the file which is included in beorg by going to the Settings tab, tapping the REPL button (top right) and then tapping the help button (top right).

I've attached it to this forum post as well for potentially easier reference.

(31.5 KB)

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Ah, I now see you have added hooks! Where can I see the latest copy of
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