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Beorg not remembering "Saved Search" on startup


I have the following code in my file, in order for the "Todo" tab to to load on start:

(set! ui-start-tab "todo")

This works as intended, however up until a few weeks ago (possibly the update before last?) when I load Beorg after fully closing it, it defaults to the "Show All" filter, and no longer loads the last viewed Search filter.

It's only a small annoyance, but I wondered if this change was intentional or not?

Many thanks.

Not an intentional change - I'll take a look and get fixed for the next update. Thanks!

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Hey, I've noticed an update just went out to try to resolve this issue, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm still experiencing the same problem, despite installing the update.

I tried rebooting, as well as removing/re-adding the code snippet I pasted in the original post above.

Running beorg on an iPhone 13 Pro, on 15.3.1 if it helps.

I've looked at this again. Hopefully the fix in 3.14.2 does the trick - this should be out in the next couple of days.

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I've just updated and wanted to let you know that this release seems to have solved it. Many thanks for the prompt update, and continued support, Matthew.
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