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The new calendar sync option & location

I like the new calendar sync option, but it needs to set location as well.  That would allow the calendar to provide an interface between Org -> BeOrg -> Maps.  I'd suggest creating an Org Property (say org-beorg-addr[1234]) that can be put into a Task by an Org function that you create (we add it to our emacs.el) that takes input of a properly formatted address and stores it in the Org Property that Beorg could then pick up and add to the iOS calendar.  The standard iOS Calendar program could then push the address to Maps which could then plot how you get to your meeting.  Using you Org function as a base, we could later create other functions to (say) get the address out of various contact databases.

What do you think?

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This sounds an interesting idea. I guess to make it user friendly there should be an easy way to add standard properties to an entry from the property editor - such as setting a property containing a location either picked from the map, the users current location or text which is processed by the iOS geocoder. These standard properties would also be recognised so that the user could tap the location property and see a map with a pin.

It would be good to see if there is interest on this functionality from other users.

For me, not having the ability to set location-based alerts to TODO items has been a blocker for me completely diving in to BeOrg. I can imagine the implementation is non-trivial, but maybe a “one-way” sync to reminders (similar to that of the calendar) could set a reminder with location alerting set.

Note, I'm suggesting providing an Elisp function that we could add to our .emacs file.  Using that as a base, we could then create other functions to get information from other databases and format it appropriately for BeOrg.  Eventually, you could collect Elisp functions and build a Beorg library to put up on MELPA.  You could also build a Scheme library to go with it.

The key right now is getting the Location on Tasks.

Thanks for the clarification. I am going to look into this in more detail in due course. 

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Oh, if you add this, include a TravelTime property! It’s a nice option on iPhones.

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